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NYC Update to Trip June 10, 2017


Dear Families,

As you know, for almost a week I have been working with Destinations Unlimited to ensure that we could reschedule our NYC trip due to the impending Nor’easter. NYC had upwards of 15” so even with our less than impressive snowfall totals, traveling to NYC would be no easy go for the Wednesday trip.

The owner of the company, Ed Dressel, has been very proactive on our behalf and I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work. The best scenario would have been to be able to get another date during the school year for a Wednesday matinee. The spring is a very popular time for school groups to take trips and for that reason, we were unable to reschedule on a Wednesday. By working proactively with the Disney reps and the theatre, Mr. Dressel was able to get us a Saturday matinee for the same price (Saturdays are more expensive than the weekdays) and the theatre also waived the rebooking fee.

The new date for the trip is Saturday, June 10, 2017. All of the teacher chaperones are still willing and happy to accompany our children for the trip and I’m very grateful to them for that.

If your student is already planning to attend, you do not need to do anything. We will honor the permission slips, but you must alert me if any of the information is different when the June date approaches.  If you or your child will not longer be able to attend, please let me know by Wednesday, March 22 so I can work toward providing you a refund and offering your ticket to another student to “purchase”.    

As soon as I know that information, I can work toward offering the trip to other students who will be able to “purchase” your ticket and we will refund your amount through the MMS checking account. This will keep bookkeeping easier and more accurate.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding throughout this process.


Ellen Gilbert

NYC Revised Itinerary for June 10, 2017

CMEA Elementary Honors Choir Tracks


Cantate Domino Soprano

sing as a prairie treble 2A

simple gifts

hand me down 1

saints top

cantate domino 1

didn’t my lord deliver DANIEL part 1

Select Chorus Spring Concert Songs




03 Sih’r Khalaq – Soprano 1 Predominant

06 Sih’r Khalaq – Soprano 2 Predominant

09 Sih’r Khalaq – Alto 1 Predominant

12 Sih’r Khalaq – Alto 2 Predominant

04 It Takes a Village SATB – Soprano Predominant

05 It Takes a Village SATB – Alto Predominant

06 It Takes a Village SATB – Tenor Predominant

07 It Takes a Village SATB – Bass 1 Predominant

03 Gloria from Missa Kenya – Solo Predominant

04 Gloria from Missa Kenya – Soprano Predominant

05 Gloria from Missa Kenya – Alto Predominant

06 Gloria from Missa Kenya – Tenor Predominant

07 It Takes a Village SATB – Bass 1 Predominant


Fifth Grade Spring Chorus Songs

















Sixth Grade Spring Chorus Songs


05 Jabberwocky (Live)


Seventh Grade Spring Chorus Music



06 Shine on Me 2003 1




Eighth Grade Spring Chorus Files






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